About us

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Here are some little details about us. We know how important it is that the couple and photographer fit together. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and read our little story.


Alina works as a professional wedding photographer since several years, Chris is a passionate portrait and landscape photo artist. We both love to travel. We adore ginger beer. We love being outdoor (hiking, hiking, hiking) and do not care about the weather. 8 years ago we met in Hamburg and became really good friends.

Chris loves authenticity, raw and un-staged emotions and you rarely see him without his camera. Alina is the emotional photographer and does not care about strict photo constraints. Since 2015 we shoot weddings as a team. We love to tell the whole story of your wedding day. We are photo journalists, we are addicted to stories and love. Every wedding is completely different, every couple adds something new to a wedding and this part is really important. We want to tell your story, not ours. And we are looking forward to it.

Alina Atzler


Give me a good cup of coffee and a delicious muesli for breakfast and you will see me smiling the whole day. I grew up in a little town at the north sea, so I spent the first half of my life at the beach. I love being outside and exploring the world and I adore the magical feelings of weddings.


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Chris Zielecki


I love the early morning quietness, a nice cup of black tea and the wilderness & empty space of the north is what I call my home. Traveling is my addiction as well as hunting down the unique and private moments in an urban scenery.




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